Calgary Academy
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Previous CAVM CE Events

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Date Speaker Topic Sponsor CE Credits CE Type
Sun Jun 24/18  Dr. Michael Lappin Infectious Diseases of Dogs and Cats Virbac, Merck, UCVM 6
Wed May 09/18  Dr. Caroline Brookfield Successful Locum Placement Purina & UCVM 1.5
Sun Apr 22/18  Dr. Doreen Houston GI Disorders in Dogs & Cats Royal Canin, Idexx, UCVM 6
Wed Mar 14/18  Dr. Rich Boisvert/Dr. Alessandro Massolo Echinococcus multilocularis Bayer & UCVM 1.5
Sun Jan 21/18  Dr. Robert Campbell Veterinary Dentistry VCA (WVSC & CARE), scil, UCVM 6
Sat Jan 13/18  Karyn Tunwell AGM - Giant Pandas CAVM 0
Sun Dec 03/17  Dr. Anthony Abrams-Ogg Internal Medicine Idexx, Purina, Vetoquinol, UCVM 6
Wed Nov 08/17  Dr. Becky Valentine What's new in Atopic Dermatitis Zoetis & UCVM 1.5
Sun Oct 29/17  Dr. Nancy Brock Veterinary Anesthesia Safety WDDC, McCarthy & Sons, UCVM 6
Wed Sep 13/17  Dr. Cindy Adams Communications Royal Canin, UCVM 1.5
Sun Jun 11/17  Dr. Richard Ford Vaccines & Infectious Disease Boehringer Ingelheim, CDMV, UCVM 6
Wed May 10/17  Dr. Amy Warren Case Studies in Cytology Vet Strategy & UCVM 1.5
Wed Apr 05/17  Dr. Serge Chalhoub/Dr. Tamara MacDonald Minimally invasive renal, urinary and tracheal procedures Hill's & UCVM 2
Wed Mar 01/17  Dr. Marie Holowaychuk Medical Errors Elanco & UCVM 1.5
Sun Jan 22/17  Dr. Terrie Faber Dentistry Virbac & Elanco 6
Wed Jan 11/17  Dr. Nigel Caulkett AGM - Wild Side of Veterinary Anesthesia Bayer, WVSC, CARE Centre 0
Sun Dec 11/16  Dr. Anthony Yu Dermatology Royal Canin, Merck Animal Health & Zoetis 6
Wed Nov 09/16  Dr. Tim Spotswood Radiology C.A.R.E. Centre 1.5
Wed Sep 14/16  Dr. Kelli Combs Ramey/Dr. Brian Skorobohach Ophthalmology WVSC, C.A.R.E. Centre & UCVM 1.5
Sun Jun 05/16  Dr. Christopher Pachel Behavior Vetoquinol 6
Wed May 11/16  Dr. Matt Read Anaesthesia "Old Dogs, New Tricks" WVSC 1.5
Sun May 01/16  Dr. Elizabeth O'Brien/Dr. Liz Ruelle Cat Healthy Bayer, Merial, Idexx, Hill's, Petsecure 6
Sun Apr 17/16  Dr. Etienne Coté Update in SA Cardio Diagnosis & Treatment Idexx Labs & Purina Vet Diets 6
Wed Mar 02/16  Dr. Danny Joffe Medical Record Keeping WDDC 1.5
Sun Feb 21/16  Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk Dentistry Lecture Royal Canin, Serona Animal Health, Pro North Solutions 6
Sat Feb 20/16  Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk Dentistry Wet Lab Serona Animal Health, Pro North Solutions 7.5
Wed Jan 13/16  Dr. Michelle Oakley Life as a Yukon Vet; Will Film for Food” CDMV & McCarthy & Sons Service 0
Sun Dec 06/15  Dr. Dani McVety Euthanasia, Palliative Care, & Communication CDMV 6
Wed Nov 18/15  Dr. Nic Rousset Thoracic Radiology - Multimodal Thoracic Imaging - A Case-based Approach WVSC 1.5
Sun Sep 27/15  Mr. Shawn McVey Clear Connections: Better Communication & Customer Service WDDC, Boehringer Ingelheim, Virbac 6
Wed Sep 09/15  Dr. Marie Holowaychuk Critical Care: Taking the 'stress' out of respiratory distress McCarthy & Sons Service 1.5
Sun Jun 07/15  Dr. Jean Wallace Coping Strategies that Work and Ones that Hurt: PART 1 - Key Findings of AB.VMA Survey Virbac & Vetoquinol 3
Sun Jun 07/15  Dr. Kathy Keil Coping Strategies that Work and Ones that Hurt: PART 2 - Practical Ideas to Take Better Care of Yourself Virbac & Vetoquinol 3
Wed May 13/15  Dr. Phil Buote Avoiding ABVMA Complaints AVC 1.5
Sat Apr 18/15  Dr. Susan Little Feline Medicine Update/Cat Healthy Bayer, Merial, Idexx, Hill's, Petsecure 6
Wed Mar 11/15  Dr. Glenna Mauldin Separating Truth & Myth in Pet Nutrition Royal Canin 1.5
Sun Jan 25/15  Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk Dentistry Lecture Serona Animal Health, Royal Canin, ProNorth Solutions 6
Sat Jan 24/15  Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk Dentistry Wet Lab AM Session Serona Animal Health, Royal Canin, ProNorth Solutions 4
Sat Jan 24/15  Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk Dentistry Wet Lab PM Session Serona Animal Health, Royal Canin, ProNorth Solutions 4
Mon Jan 12/15  Lori Rogers/Dr. Judith Samson-French AGM - Dogs With No Names Project Idexx Laboratories & Purina Vet Diets 1
Sun Dec 14/14  Dr. Tim Spotswood Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging of the Abdomen Antech Diagnostics & AVC 6
Wed Nov 26/14  Shawna Baldwin/ Dr. Margaret Doyle/ Brad Nichols Animal Abuse Royal Canin 2
Wed Nov 12/14  Dr. Mike O'Grady Cardiology Heart Sounds Novartis 1.5
Wed Oct 15/14  Dr. Liz Ruelle Cat Healthy Hill's, Idexx, Merial, Petsecure, Bayer 2
Wed Sep 24/14  Dr. Jack Wilson Communications WDDC 1.5
Sun Jun 22/14  Dr. Tara Edwards K9 Rehabilitation Royal Canin & Merck Animal Health 6
Wed May 21/14  Dr. Marco Bregliano Deciding when to do a C-section in the dog and cat CAVM 1.5
Sun Apr 27/14  Dr. Karol Mathews Critical Care Purina Veterinary Diets & CDMV 6
Wed Mar 19/14  Dr. Kelli Combs Ramey/Dr. Brian Skorobohach Ophthalmology McCarthy & Sons Service 1.5
Sun Feb 02/14  Dr. Søren Boysen/Dr. Serge Chalhoub/Dr. Catherine Wagg Convergent Thinking in Veterinary Medicine: The Internist’s, Criticalist’s and Clinical Pathologist’s Approach to the Acute Abdomen and to Azotemia Royal Canin 6
Wed Jan 08/14  Dr. Melanie Rock Shared Diseases and Environments as Opportunities to Enhance Wellbeing for People and Animals Idexx Laboratories, WVSC, and C.A.R.E. Centre 1
Sun Dec 08/13  Mr. Darren Osborne Business & Legal Medical/Royal Canin & RBC & MNP 6
Wed Nov 13/13  Dr. Jose Diaz K9 specific Neurology C.A.R.E. Centre and AVC 1.5
Wed Sep 25/13  Mr. Ernest Barbaric Social Media Merial 1.5
Sun Jun 16/13  Dr. Luis Campoy/Dr. Matt Read Anesthesia Lecture & Wet Lab Novartis & McCarthy & Sons 7
Wed May 08/13  Dr. Terri Schiller Hind Limb Lameness Vet Novations 1.5
Sun Apr 28/13  Dr. Trisha Dowling Pharmacology/MVP Bayer & Merck 6
Wed Mar 13/13  Dr. Jenefer Stillion Resuscitation and Critical Care Medical/Royal Canin 1.5
Sun Jan 20/13  Dr. Fraser Hale Dentistry Hill's Pet Nutrition & CDMV 6
Wed Jan 09/13  Dr. Sandie Black AGM Idexx Laboratories & Purina Vet Diets
Wed Nov 14/12  Dr. Aylin Atilla/Dr. Amy Little Surgery C.A.R.E. Centre 1.5 Scientific
Sun Oct 28/12  Dr. Sharon Center Hepatic Diseases Medical-Royal Canin 6 Scientific
Wed Sep 12/12  Dr. Neal Mauldin/Dr. Glenna Mauldin Oncology McCarthy & Sons 1.5 Scientific
Sun Jun 24/12  Dr. Deb Zoran GI Disease/Nutrition Purina & Aventix 6 Scientific
Wed May 09/12  Dr. Becky Valentine Dermatology Novartis 1.5 Scientific
Sun Apr 29/12  Dr. Debra Horwitz Behavior Merck 6 Scientific
Wed Mar 14/12  Dr. Sheri Clarkson Internal Medicine Vetoquinol 1.5 Scientific
Sun Feb 05/12  Dr. Terrie Faber Dentistry Vet Novations & Hill's Pet Nutrition 6 Scientific
Wed Jan 11/12  Dr. Judit Smits Annual General Meeting Idexx Laboratories 0
Sun Dec 04/11  Dr. John Tait Practice Management WDDC & Purina 6 Non-Scientific
Wed Nov 16/11  Dr. Matt Read Anesthesia Borderlink Vet Supplies 1.50 Scientific
Sun Oct 23/11  Dr. Kelli Combs Ramey/Dr. Brian Skorobohach Ophthalmology Aventix, WVSC 6 Scientific
Wed Sep 07/11  Dr. Jose Diaz Neurology Feline Topics Medical-Royal Canin 1.5 Scientific
Sun Jun 05/11  Dr. Steve Marsden Holistic Vet Med (Part 2) McCarthy & Sons 3 Scientific
Sun Jun 05/11  Dr. Mike O'Grady Cardiology Novartis 3 Scientific
Wed May 11/11  Dr. Tim Spotswood Thoracic Radiology RBC 1.5 Scientific
Wed Mar 09/11  Dr. Audrey Remedios Elbow Disease Vet Novations 1.5 Scientific
Sun Feb 13/11  Dr. Loïc Legendre Dentistry Hill's Pet Nutrition & Vetoquinol 6 Scientific
Wed Jan 12/11  Dr. Susan Kutz Annual General Meeting Idexx Laboratories 0
Sun Dec 05/10  Dr. Søren Boysen Critical Care for SA Clinicians Idexx Laboratories, CDMV 6 Scientific
Wed Nov 10/10  Dr. Marilyn Dunn Urinary Tract Disease Updates Hills Pet Nutrition 1.5 Scientific
Sun Oct 17/10  Dr. Jayne Takahashi Communications Medical/Royal Canin 6 Non-Scientific
Wed Sep 29/10  Dr. Dennilyn Parker Exotics Vet Med Pearls CAVM and UCVM 1.5 Scientific
Wed Sep 08/10  Dr. Kevin Cosford/Dr. Lisa Shearer Internal Medicine Pearls Purina Veterinary Diets 1.5 Scientific
Wed May 26/10  Mr. Laurence Beatch Stress Management WDDC & McCarthy & Sons 1.5 Non-Scientific
Sun May 02/10  Dr. Steve Marsden Holistic Vet Med CAVM 3 Scientific
Sun Mar 21/10  Dr. Anthony Yu Dermatology P & G Petcare/Iams & Aventix 6 Scientific
Wed Mar 10/10  Dr. Anthony Carr Chronic Renal Disease Novartis 1.5 Scientific
Sun Dec 06/09  Dr. Marjory Brooks Hematology Aventix / Pfizer 6 S
Wed Nov 04/09  Dr. Tim Spotswood Radiology RBC 1.5 S
Wed Sep 09/09  Dr. Richard Christmas Ophthalmology Aventix 1.5 S
Wed May 13/09  Dr. Glenna Mauldin Nutrition in Critical Illness CDMV 1.5 S
Sun Apr 26/09  Dr. Richard Ford Vaccines & Infectious Disease WDDC & Merial 6 S
Wed Mar 11/09  Dr. Kinga Gortel Dermatology CDMV 1.5 S
Sun Feb 22/09  Dr. Michael Leib Gastroenterology P & G Petcare/Iams & VetNovations 6 S
Sun Nov 16/08  Dr. Margie Scherk Feline Medicine Purina/Vetinsurance 6 S
Wed Nov 05/08  Dr. Neal Mauldin Oncology Vetoquinol 1.5 S
Wed Sep 10/08  Dr. Tedd Clark Small Animal Dermatology McCarthy & Sons 1.5 S
Wed Jun 18/08  Dr. Craig Tockman Wellness Blood Testing Vet Novations 1.5 S
Wed May 14/08  Dr. David Fowler/Dr. Aubrey Webb Update on spinal cord injury Borderlink Vet Supplies 1.5 S
Wed Apr 16/08  Dr. Michael Hannigan/ Mark Shewfelt Financial Management Pfizer 1.5 S
Sun Feb 24/08  Dr. Mike O'Grady Cardiology Medi-Cal/Novartis 6 S
Wed Nov 07/07  Michelle O'Brien/ Joan Treich Animal Cruelty RBC 1.5 S
Sun Sep 30/07  Dr. Chris Ralphs Surgery In General Practice CARE Centre/Pfizer 6 S
Wed Sep 12/07  Dr. Sheri Clarkson/Dr. Dan Schlesinger Pearls from ACVIM WDDC 1.5 S
Wed May 09/07  Dr. Tim Spotswood Radiology Vet Novations 1.5 S
Sun Apr 22/07  Dr. Doreen Houston Internal Medicine/nutrition Medi-Cal 6 S
Wed Mar 14/07  Dr. Matt Read Anesthesia Novartis 1.5 S
Sun Feb 11/07  Dr. Joane Parent Neurology WDDC/Hill's Pet Nutrition 6 S
Sun Nov 19/06  Dr. Karol Mathews Emergency and Critical Care Boehringer Ingelheim and Hill's Pet Nutrition 6 S
Wed Nov 08/06  Dr. Sagi Denenberg Behavior Novartis 1.5 S
Sun Sep 24/06  Dr. Jan Hall Dermatology Bayer and Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology 6 S
Wed Sep 13/06  Dr. Laura Romano Rehab Medicine Aventix 1.5 S
Wed May 10/06  Dr. Sally Lester Lab Pathology WDDC 1.5 S
Sun Apr 30/06  Dr. Mark Papich Pharmacology Novartis/Idexx 6 S
Wed Mar 08/06  Mr. Sterling Rempel Financial Planning Wyeth 1.5 NS
Sun Feb 12/06  Dr. Edward Feldman Endocrinology - Cushings/Diabetes Medi-Cal and WDDC 6 S
Sat Nov 05/05  Dr. Sue Finn-Bodner/Dr. Danny Joffe Update on Valvular Disease Boehringer Ingelheim 1.5 S
Sun Sep 25/05  Dr. Richard Goldstein Nephrology/Urology Medi-Cal/Novartis 6 S
Wed Sep 14/05  Dr. Monique Mayer Radiation Oncology CDMV 1.5 S
Wed May 11/05  Ms. Heather Low Creating Customer Value Medi-Cal 1.5 NS
Sun Apr 17/05  Dr. Jeannette da Silva Curiel Ophthalmology 6 S
Wed Mar 09/05  Dr. David Fowler Wound Management Borderlink Vet Supplies 1.5 S
Sun Feb 27/05  Dr. Stan Marks Gastroenterology Purina 6 S

Scientific (S) or Non-Scientific (NS)