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  • 72 hours cancellation notice is required for WEDNESDAY CE or a $20 fee will be charged to cover catering/admin costs
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Sun Dec 9/18 Management - Veterinary Economics
Sun, Dec 9, 2018

AM Lectures

Evidence Based Management 

Using actual data from real veterinary hospitals Darren will dispelling some common myths and uncover emerging trends.  Do wellness plans really work?  Does pre-booking make a difference?

The Truth on Fees and Markups

The cornerstone of Economics is the demand curve; when price goes up, the quantity demanded goes down.  In theory this is true but in veterinary medicine there are forces at work that can make a $99 exam fee look like a steal and a $30 exam fee look like a rip off.  Find out how successful high fee hospitals present their fees, their markups and their services. 

PM Lectures

How to Take Over the World with Web Based Pet Food Retail 

Canadian veterinarians sell four time as much pet food as their counterparts in the US.  New web-based retail technologies available to veterinary hospitals can increase food sales even higher.  Web based retails can help Ontario veterinarians increase their revenue from food and decrease their staff and inventory costs as the same time.

How to Use Your Financial Statements for More Than a Cage Liner

I know, I don’t have the patience for this stuff either.  Fortunately, financial software has come a long way in the last few years and even veterinarians can understand the reports available in a few mouse clicks.  In this session, Darren will show you how, in only five minutes each month, you can find everything you need to know to keep your practice in the green.

How to Get Clients Coming Back

Hospitals with higher client numbers have effective reminder systems.  Darren will run the gamut from post cards to electronic hoojamaflips to show what works and what doesn’t work.  Spoiler alert – don’t buy any stamps before coming to this session.



6.00 hrs CE credit
Seating is limited to 230 (181 places are currently available)
Please RSVP before Dec 5

If you plan to attend, please login for online registration and payment - or notify the CAVM Administrator by email.

  Theatre 4 & HMRB Atrium

Registration/Breakfast 8:00 - 8:30 AM in HMRB Atrium
Session 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM in Theatre Four
Lunch 12-1 PM, AM & PM Coffee breaks in HMRB Atrium

Located inside the Health Sciences Centre, Heritage Medical Research Building of the University of Calgary (adjacent to Foothills Hospital)

3330 Hospital Drive NW, Calgary, AB   T2N 4N1

Enter through the North doors of Health Sciences Centre and follow the blue signs to the registration area.

Click here to download a map to the lecture hall.

Click here for an online map of the lecture hall location.

  • Non-Member - $150.00
  • Office Manager - $100.00
  • Applicant - $100.00
  • Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians - $100.00
  • RVT - $100.00
  • Support Staff - $100.00
  • Support Staff Student - $50.00
  • Locum - Support Staff - $100.00
  • Locum - Veterinarian - $100.00
  • Locum - RVT - $100.00
  • Vet Student - $50.00
  • RVT Student - $50.00
  • Intern - $50.00
  • Member - $100.00
  • Executive - free
(5% GST will be added)  
  • UCVM, cdmv & VetStrategy